New IGO will launch ‘International College Accreditation’ system.


A newly formed IGO ( Inter-governmental Organization) has set to work on creating a public database of tertiary level academic institutions.

The ambitious project is designed to thwart the activities of illegal schools and make it harder for them to present themselves as legitimate institutions. For well over a decade, schools with no legal right to issue diplomas have been growing in numbers. According to experts, there are now more fake schools online than legitimate ones.

EDU, formed in June 2011 within the guidelines of UN protocols and statues, has been quietly recruiting a list of experts in academia and international relations. A full list is expected to be published this July.

The Secretary-General of EDU, His Excellency G.Irving Levance, has calculated the project to take 5 years to complete. The internationally recognized organization will need to work closely with leading figures in accreditation and education and will liaise with Departments of Education worldwide.

EDU has an interim office located in Brussels, but plans to re-locate to New York within 2 years. The Official website is and is registered into the .INT sTLD range of domain names.

 ‘IANA’ The .INT governing body, has strict regulations allowing ownership of .INT domains. Organizations formed by bilateral treaties or multilateral treaties are only eligible to apply. Presently, less than 200 organizations have a .INT domain, these include The United Nations (UN), The African Union (AU), The International Criminal Court (ICC) and Interpol.

The planned database will have public access and anyone considering a school will have the right to search the school’s status with EDU. Accreditation from EDU will be voluntary, but limited to institutions recognized to have a legal charter to issue credentials.

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