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Cine va fi noul președinte al Federației Române de Fotbal (FRF)?

Răzvan Burleanu
Ionuț Lupescu
Marcel Pușcaș

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Str. Cristian Popisteanu nr. 2-4
Sector 1, Bucuresti


Freelance Diplomat, Colin Evans, big success with European investors

World's Top Commercial Diplomat, Trade Commissioner Colin Evans is Guest of Honor at Exclusive Investment ConferenceNewsIn
Bucharest. In the world of Trade Diplomacy, there is no name more respected than Colin Evans, a veteran freelance diplomat who has promoted investment into so many countries that he has lost count of them all. The Event happened on Jan 12th, at a low-key 2 day Reception organized exclusively by major investors, predominantly from Eu ... »

Dacia sold over 311,000 cars last year, up 20.5%

Car manufacturer Dacia, member of French group Renault, sold 311,282 cars last year, up 20.5% compared to 2008, but sales in Romania dropped by more than 50%, to 41,862 vehicles. However, the company managed to slightly increase its local m ... »

Soitron bought 51% stake in Romanian IT solutions provider Datanet Systems

Slovak system integrator Soitron bought a 51% stake in the Romanian provider of networking and communications solutions Datanet Systems, the take over being part of the regional development strategy of the company, which controls two other ... »

Vlădescu: Romania's capacity to invest will be limited for a long time

Romania will be limited "for a long time to come" in regard to public investment, given that it has reduced funds this year and the Ministry of Finance is primarily concerned with the payment of salaries and pensions, Finance Mini ... »


ING Bank Romania revised its forecasts for the exchange rate in 2010, estimating a level of 4.15 lei / euro at the end of the first quarter, followed by a depreciation of the leu to 4.25 units per euro in midyear and a return to 4.10 units ... »

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Continental to invest several tens of millions euros in Timişoara unit

Continental Romania will build a raw materials processing unit on the platform of its tire plant in Timişoara. The investment of several tens of millions will create 200 new jobs, representatives of the German group told Mediafax."By ... »

A & D Pharma enters private medical services market

A & D Pharma has launched a private medical services division, called Anima Specialty Medical Services, relying on the growing demand on this segment of the Romanian market, reads a release of the company.Anima will provide private heal ... »


Finance Minister Sebastian Vlădescu said that the one billion euro loan that Romania will take from the foreign market is not out of the limits of the financing programme established for 2010 and that this is necessary to "finance the ... »

CNVM anticipates listing of Proprietatea Fund on BSE in 2010

The National Securities Committee (CNVM) counts on listing the Proprietatea fund this year and on transactions with at least 7 issuers on the Sibex spot market, which will increase its revenues by 75% from the levying of the 0.08% fee of th ... »

BNR misses target third time in a row: inflation climbed to 4.74%

The annual inflation rate rose to 4.74% in December, after consumer prices rose 0.32% from November, in keeping with the analysts' expectations, shows data published by the Statistics Institute on Tuesday, the central bank thus missing ... »
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decat ca nu chiar toate psdizdele-s curvele mele! ...
Dragnea și Dăncila se duc miercuri în Israel. Vizita, ținută la secret până în ultimul moment

Domnilor inspectori de la MUNCA, hai sa mergem pe ...
Inspecția Muncii a aplicat amenzi de un milion de euro pentru muncă nedeclarată

in perioada 2025 aprile 20-18! ...
Prim-ministrul Viorica Dăncilă va efectua, în perioada 25-26 aprilie, o vizită oficială în Statul Israel, la invitaţia prim-ministrului Statului Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu

indicele robor este inca tinut mult sub inflatie! ...
Indicele ROBOR la 3 luni a crescut din nou! Este vorba despre o creștere majoră! Care sunt efectele|

decat ca in toate agentiile am pus incompetenti! ...
Toate contractele la energie au fost modificate

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