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Alro owner and InterAgro to build large capacity power station

Dutch company Vimetco, the owner of aluminium producer Alro Slatina, and the InterAgro group, controlled by businessman Ioan Niculae, have established a joint venture that will build a large c ... »

Romania outran Poland and Ukraine in merger and acquisition values last year

Romania is among the first five countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of merger and acquisitions values registered last year, at a level of 8.4 billion dollars, outrunning countries such as Poland and Ukraine, according to a Raif ... »


The largest number of phishing attacks in Europe, in the last six months of 2007, respectively 5%, were initiated from Romania, which is on the third place at global level, after the USA and China, as regards the attacks of this type, accor ... »

Direct foreign investments up 40% in first two months

The direct foreign investments grew to 1.22 billion euros in the first two months of this year, 40% about the level of the same period of 2007, and covered more than half  (55,5%) of the current deficit account, a larger share than las ... »

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Yearly inflation grew to 8.63% in March

Consumer prices increased by an average of 8.63% in the period March 2007 - March 2008, a level never attained since January 2006, due to an accentuated increase in prices of services, fuels and several food categories, show data published ... »

Ruukki wants to recover Giurgiu investment in 3-4 years

The Romanian subsidiary of Finnish group Rautaruukki estimates the 35 million euro investment in its first production unit in Romania, located in Bolintin Deal, Giurgiu county, will be recovered in 3-4 years. "I estimate the 35 million ... »


CitiFinancial, Citibank Romania's credit division for natural persons, will move its headquarters to a new building, in the Militari district of Bucharest, and aims to increase the number of employees by 28% this year, to 510 persons.Th ... »

Rents for A class offices to grow by 20%

The average rents for A class office spaces were around 17-18 euros/sq.m. in 2007, and the forecasts for 2008 are increases of up to 20% as against the same period of last year , estimates Mihaela Cnobloch, Director of the Investment Depart ... »

Scala Real Estate to build 600 villas and 1000 apartments in Giurgiu

Iaşi-based company Scala Real Estate will invest 200 million euros to build a residential ensemble on a land lot with a total area of  100 hectares, in the locality of Săbăreni, in Giurgiu county, declared the developer's Genera ... »

Romanians from Castellon de la Plana, Spain proposed 8000 jobs home

The Romanian authorities expect the job exchange for Romanians, organised in Spain, on Saturday and on Sunday, to be every day attended by around 500-600 Romanians, who will have over 8000 jobs at their disposal, mainly in construction and ... »
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pentru revisal si acte aditionale sunt suficiente ...
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Parlamentul legiferează un sistem paralel de pregătire postuniversitară. Masteratele, în pericol

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